Da Palladino Bar & Trattoria


A unique, comfortable atmosphere of casual and informal elegance: the perfect opportunity to unwind, relax and dream.

The name Palladino stems from the Latin Palatinus, which roughly translates to the champion of a cause and re-establishing of order, think Paladin and the Knights of the Round Table. It’s also the shared name of the owner’s mother, Rita Palladino, who at seventy-five years of age is an exacting warrior in charge of the pasta making. In many ways this reflects the philosophy of the establishment, which the current custodians at 555 Nicholson Street, (formerly Tansy’s in the heady 80’s, 555’s and more recently Bistro Flor) aim to respect; a delicate melding of a rich culinary and cultural history, while simultaneously creating overt change.

The salone - dining room, is adorned with a classic marbletop bar ideal for a cocktail or aperitivo, and the hidden courtyard is an oasis reminiscent of a bygone era that exudes a quiet charm. The establishment is deliberately the antithesis of ubiquitous corporate style branding and moves beyond fashion and trend. There’s a highly personalised expression at play here, a love of nostalgia, Italy and indeed old Carlton, where hospitality is paramount. Patrons can inulge in local and Italian wines, beers or classic cocktails alongside traditional cicchetti, savory snacks typical of the bars in Venice.

While many locals have made Da Palladino their home away from home, there’s an eclectic mix here who appreciate the focus on casual, amiable service. It’s the perfect setting to gather with friends, or indeed meet new ones. For those feeling the pangs of hunger, there's a short seasonal inspired menu scribed onto a chalkboard daily that includes a selection of regional comfort foods, typically found in an Italian trattoria. The favourite is undoubtedly Rita’s artisan pasta, lovingly prepared by hand on premise and served with sugo, a slow cooked tomatoe based sauce found in the Mollisse region. Paired with wine from the same region, it's Italian simplicity at its very best.

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